August 31, 2023

5 mins

This Week in AI

The Latest Version of ChatGPT revealed

OpenAI has introduced ChatGPT Enterprise, a version of ChatGPT designed for organizational use, featuring heightened security, customization options, and unrestricted high-speed access to the GPT-4 model. This Enterprise edition prioritizes business-grade privacy controls and encryption, affirming that user data will not be employed in training OpenAI's models.

The upgraded version offers limitless swift access to GPT-4 without usage constraints, coupled with an expanded context window of 32k characters for handling larger files. Alongside this, Enterprise encompasses a revamped Code Interpreter termed 'advanced data analysis' and incorporates shared chat templates, enabling collaborative workflows and consistent processes within companies.

Elon puts Life to Artificial Intelligence

Elon Musk showcased his trust in AI by live-streaming a demonstration of Tesla's latest "Full Self-Driving" software. This new version operates solely on AI, without any manually coded rules. The AI is powered by neural networks that have been trained on extensive driving data, allowing it to effortlessly manage turns, speed adjustments, and obstacles during a test drive around Palo Alto, CA.

The system adeptly navigated through unfamiliar challenges such as construction zones, bicyclists, and roundabouts. Musk had to intervene only once when the car attempted to enter a busy intersection incorrectly. FSD V12 represents a significant departure from previous iterations that relied on programmed logic and code. It's currently being tested by Tesla employees worldwide, aiming to enhance its capabilities through real-world AI training data.

DoorDash Introduces AI-Driven Voice Ordering

Catering to those who lean toward the traditional approach of ordering takeout by phone, DoorDash has unveiled its AI-driven voice ordering feature.

This innovation takes charge of incoming calls, furnishing customers with personalized suggestions. As outlined in the 2023 Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report by the company, a significant portion of customers, one in five, favor phone-based takeout orders. Nonetheless, a noteworthy concern emerges, with up to 50% of customer calls presently remaining unanswered, translating to potential revenue setbacks.

Microsoft's Latest AI upgrades

Microsoft is said to be incorporating advanced AI functionalities such as object recognition and generative image creation into applications including Photos, Snipping Tool, and even the iconic Paint within Windows 11. These additions are set to empower the 'Photos' app with the ability to intelligently remove individuals and objects using AI technology, while the Snipping Tool and Camera may acquire text recognition capabilities from screenshots.

The integration of AI features is also being considered for 'Paint,' drawing from the same technology that powers Bing Image Generator. A more comprehensive insight into these advancements is anticipated at Microsoft's upcoming event on September 21. With the forthcoming release of the Windows platform in 2024, a significant infusion of AI is expected to reshape its landscape.

Google's Duet AI for Enhanced Workspace Productivity

Google's plan from March to enhance nearly every facet of its Workspace applications through AI innovation has come to fruition. The unveiling of Duet AI for Google Workspace at this year's Google Cloud Next event solidifies this commitment. Duet AI emerges as Google's real-time AI collaborator, designed to seamlessly assist users across a spectrum of Workspace applications, encompassing Slides, Meet, Gmail, Chat, and beyond.

This innovative tool takes charge of routine and often time-consuming tasks, ranging from digesting lengthy emails to crafting intricate slide presentations, and even contributing to collaborative meetings.


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How to create maps with ChatGPT?

Experience the power of ChatGPT's Earth plugin, designed to transform locations into captivating visual representations, spanning a diverse range of styles encompassing luminosity, darkness, street-level intricacies, and satellite vistas. To craft your unique map, simply activate the Earth plugin (accessible with ChatGPT+ membership), and delve into the process of generating maps using coordinates, specific landmarks, or notable locations. Elevate your map further by selecting from an array of styles, such as light or dark themes, streetscapes, outdoor perspectives, and more, allowing you to curate a map that aligns perfectly with your vision.

How simple ChatGPT prompt tweak can help refine your AI-generated content?

ChatGPT serves as an invaluable aid for various tasks in both professional and personal spheres; however, the challenge lies in devising the perfect prompt to yield the desired outcome, a challenge mitigated by the "tone modifiers'' technique. Similarly, Google's Duet AI for Workspace exhibits the remarkable ability to generate presentations, compose emails, and even partake in meetings. This parallels the reason ChatGPT's written content—be it emails, essays, or presentations—might not align perfectly with preferences. A straightforward remedy to this predicament is directing ChatGPT with the desired tone for the output.

How AI will shape early-career tech jobs?

Now, the way people from different generations work together might be about remembering the time before AI took over almost everything we do at work, and the time after. A recent study by a group called McKinsey found that almost 8 out of 10 workers use a special kind of AI called generative AI. And about 1 in 5 people use it regularly to help with their normal work tasks. The fact that AI might cause around 83 million jobs to go away by 2027 means that AI won't just change how they do their daily tasks, but also how their whole career goes.

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