Data Processing Addendum

Effective date: Nov 30, 2022

The Niural Data Processing Addendum (DPA) constitutes an integral part of the Terms of Service and is hereby incorporated to it by reference, unless Client/ Contractor has signed a separate written data processing addendum with Niural.

Although the DPA is incorporated into our Terms of Service and valid without the necessity to put your written signatures in the body of the DPA, your company may require signing a written DPA for evidence or internal compliance purposes. To support this need, Niural provides a pre-signed version of the DPA. If you intend to execute it for the above reasons, please:

  • Download a pre-signed copy of the DPA:
  • for Clients here
  • for Contractors here
  • Complete the information on page 1: Client / Contractor name and address
  • Countersign it on page 8
  • Complete the information on page 14: Client / Contractor contact details
  • Send back a completed and countersigned copy to Niural to

In case of any questions, please contact