Flexible pricing
for companies and partners

Employer of Record

Starts at $399/mo per employee
  • Hire international employees in 100+ countries
  • Payroll processing, tax remittance and documentation
    Localized contracts in accordance with labor laws
  • Competitive local benefits and perks
    Time tracking
    PTO management & tracking per local laws
    Expense Management and reimbursements
  • Save time and costs on employee onboarding, termination, and administration
    Background checks and monitoring
    Reporting and accounting integrations

Hire & pay contractors

$49/mo per contractor
  • Create, send, and sign a contract in seconds
  • Pay in local or digital currencies in 150+ countries
  • Generate tax forms and reports
  • Misclassification alerts
  • Send, receive and track invoices
    Reporting and accounting integrations
    Expense Management and reimbursements
    Time tracking
    Fixed, Pay-as-you-go or milestones contracts
    E-sign uploaded and unsigned contratcs without leaving the platform

Simple Payroll

$5 per person

Payroll Plus

$100/mo $80/mo
$12/pp $10 per person

*Limited time offer*
  • Everything in the Simple Plan plus:
  • Multi-state payroll with unlimited runs
  • Same-day deposit for employees
  • Hourly Timesheets
    PTO Tracking and custom leave policies
    Expense management and reimbursements
    Compliance alerts
    Additional integrations into CRM and ATS systems

Web3 Only Payroll

$19 per member /month
+ $100 platform fee
  • Extremely low gas fees
  • Batch payments
  • Instant and continuous pay options
  • All ERC-20 tokens supported
    Multiple blockchains supported
    Portable identity across chains
    Tax remittance and compliance
    Multi-sig confirmations
    Automated invoice and payslip generation

Enterprise Payroll

Custom pricing

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