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You can directly compare Niural and ADP below. Comparing these options side by side makes it easy for you to review and decide which platform is best suited for your payroll and HR requirements.

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Intuitive, Easy to Use Platform

It is no secret that ADP's platform is antiquated and difficult to use. Modules don't connect to each other and it takes hours to get the simplest of tasks done. Compared to ADP, Niural is built with modern enterprise infrastructure and scalability, and all systems natively connect to each other. This means the things that used to take your payroll team hours with ADP, can be done in a couple of clicks with Niural.

Transparent and Straightforward Pricing

ADP charges on a per payroll basis and has extra pricing on everything - from W2 generation to 1099s to payroll-specific modules. Their pricing is opaque, and the implementation process is very painful - compared to Niural, where you can onboard in minutes, and pricing is transparent and straightforward.

Modern Money Movement and Compliance

ADP is antiquated and the customers experience the burden of using this platform through rampant end-of-year issues - especially during tax filing seasons. Several customers have come to Niural from ADP because ADP incorrectly filed their taxes and took months to issue corrected W-2s - leading to IRS penalties and back taxes, incomplete local and municipal coverage, as well as the inability to generate compliance forms accurately.

Exceptional Customer Service

Niural provides dedicated account managers and is always available to answer customer support questions responsively. Unlike ADP where your support tickets get lost and you are unable to get timely answers, Niural takes care of each and every client seriously. Niural even provides an Executive Sponsor for escalation should you ever need to.

What we're hearing from customers


Mia S

Ever since we moved to Niural, managing my team's payroll and expenses has been extremely easy. My controller likes Niural because costs are predictable and budgetable with Niural. With ADP, they had per-payroll pricing and would add extra fees for things you would expect from a payroll vendor normally - like creating W2s,1099s, etc. I also really liked Niural because migrating to Niural was so simple, and we had a dedicated team helping us through the process. I thought it'd take weeks, it only took a couple of days.


Alex N

We used to have a lot of issues with ADP around tax filings. ADP's system was difficult to navigate and there were so many errors that we needed to reconcile later on. We haven't had any issues with Niural so far and the system is very easy to use - it takes me half the time to finish my work with Niural.


Charlotte H

Niural's payroll platform has brought about a big change in how we run our business, something that wasn't available back when we were using ADP. We now have a dedicated account manager who is always available when we need it. Our issues are resolved promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to our payroll processes. The advanced reporting function is also very handy, easier to close out the month and making the operations team's life much easier.


Lucas F

With Niural's payroll and international compliance platform, we have gained unprecedented control and flexibility. Unlike ADP, which required the support team for customization, we can now easily make adjustments ourselves. The intuitive administration interface and comprehensive documentation empower us to customize the platform to meet our specific needs without relying on external assistance. This saves us valuable time and increases our autonomy.

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