Niural for Partners

Niural streamlines payroll, benefits, and HR in a single, user-friendly platform for your clients.

For outsourced CFOs, payroll bureaus, accountants and more.

Offer your clients a discounted billing rate
Partners get a discounted rate
Bill the client at the current publicly advertised rate and receive a revenue share.

Benefits of Partnering with Niural

Niural's all-in-one payroll, team management and compliance platform helps you streamline your hiring process, manage global payroll, and keep tabs on compliance.

Enhance reporting with easy access to payroll, tax forms, trends, and notifications for authorized clients.

Assign client information to different team members for easy client management

Run US Payroll, international payments, bill pay and EOR in one platform.

Individualized invoicing for your clients and advanced integrations with accounting software

Niural serves as the human resources platform for companies of every scale.

Niural caters to all business types: from SMBs to large enterprises and US only to those with global presence. Our platform offers tailored solutions for partners - accountants, outsourced bureaus and fractional CFOs-  enabling you to automate payroll, streamline workflows, and foster better collaboration with your clients.



1-10 clients


11-25 clients
  • Prominent listing in the Partner Directory
    Access to dashboard and referral resources
  • Advanced payroll features and HR tools
  • Diverse payment options
  • Get a 10% discount for your clients or as part of your revenue share
    Preferred rates on Niural Pay


26-50 clients


50+ clients

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