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You can directly compare Niural and Rippling below. Comparing these options side by side makes it easy for you to review and decide which platform is best suited for your payroll and HR requirements.

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Customer Service

Niural stands out from Rippling by providing outstanding customer service. Compared to just live chat and email options, you’ll have your own dedicated Account Management team at Niural, regardless of the size of your company. Clients have multiple avenues to reach out for support, including the convenience of phone assistance. All Niural customers also have a dedicated Executive Sponsor for escalation.

Subscription and Billing

Niural gives clients full control over their subscription and billing, in contrast to Rippling, which imposes hidden charges and inflexible seat counts. With Niural, pricing is transparent, and the platform's fair billing practices guarantee that clients only pay for the modules they need.

Global Coverage with Redundancy

Niural is built with a redundant stack of banks and optimized providers that ensure continuity and are not reliant on one particular money movement partner. Additionally, Niural is built with a more robust compliance and F/X infrastructure that enables your international team to get much better currency conversion rates, as well as a more stable and reliable compliance program.

What we're hearing from customers


Elaine W

After the SVB crisis, we started to prioritize working with a payroll vendor that had multiple money movement partners. In our due diligence, we found that Niural was the best choice - modern tech infrastructure with multiple banks for running payroll. We’ve been happy clients of Niural since then.


Ben H

I switched from Rippling to Niural after experiencing numerous bugs and limited options in my previous system. Rippling promises a lot of things, but the system is very buggy. With Niural, I've enjoyed a seamless and reliable experience. The user interface is intuitive, and the platform runs smoothly without any hiccups.


Olivia R

The customer service at Rippling was so poor - long wait times for support and unresponsive representatives who were unable to solve even basic issues. When we moved to Niural, we were immediately assigned an account manager and even a C-level contact. The implementation went without a single hiccup and we have someone to help us anytime we need things. Our Niural Account Manager goes above and beyond.


Ethan C

Their team is readily available to assist me whenever I have questions or encounter issues. I appreciate having the option to reach out through multiple channels, including phone support. Their prompt responses and knowledgeable staff have truly made a difference in my overall experience.

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