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You can directly compare Niural and Justworks below. Comparing these options side by side makes it easy for you to review and decide which platform is best suited for your payroll and HR requirements.

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A PEO that scales as you grow

Niural's platform helps companies get access to large group benefits and plans under a PEO structure while you are still a small group. Once you outgrow a PEO, you can seamlessly transition into Niural's AI enabled payroll and HR administration platform without any fuss. With Niural as your benefits broker, we assist you with getting access to competitive plans under your own entities, in addition to setting you up for success in running payroll under your own EIN.

Comprehensive Platform for the US and Beyond

In addition to full payroll and benefits in the US, Niural offers a wide range of global hiring solutions for its clients through a fully automated tech platform. With Niural - customers can easily create and sign contracts, onboard contractors in the US and in 150+ countries around the world, as well as hire employees without having to set up their own entities internationally. Combined with an efficient implementation process, and a reliable compliance module- the Niural platform serves customers far more powerfully than Justworks.

Customization and Integration

Niural's platform provides enhanced customization and integration capabilities, offering the flexibility required to meet individual needs. In contrast to Justworks, Niural recognizes the distinctive requirements of growing businesses. Their platform enables personalized HR and benefits solutions that perfectly align with our specific needs. Furthermore, Niural's robust integration capabilities guarantee seamless connectivity with other essential tools and services, enhancing reliability and efficiency.

Help with State Registrations and Account Numbers

Justworks' PEO structure confuses customers through PEO reporting in some states and not in others, as well as charging additional fees to customers for SUTA administration. Niural helps customers set up their own tax accounts and state registrations, thereby making it easy for customers to own their accounts and state reporting without being tied to a PEO.

What we're hearing from customers


Matthew R

Niural's system makes it really easy to handle our global team. We can create contracts, bring in new people from over 150 countries, and hire employees from around the world without any problems. They're really good at following all the rules, which is better than other companies like Justworks. That's why we picked Niural for our business!


Evelyn S

We were with Justworks before, but they messed up and left us without health insurance because they didn't pay on time. We switched to Niural - it's a more automated platform and gives us access to competitive benefits with its ASO model, and it's been awesome. Niural's customer support is also really good. They help us quickly - issues get resolved in real-time.


Jackson T

With Niural, we found a better solution for our health insurance needs without being tied to a PEO. Initially, I thought going with a PEO was the only option to get proper health insurance but when I realized you don't need a PEO for that, we started looking for a better platform because Justworks was just...horrendous. Niural had everything we needed for US payroll, and they even assisted with state and local registrations which made moving off the PEO super easy.


Harper D

Niural's platform is really customizable and works well with other things we use. We needed a few integrations in addition to Quickbooks, and it was easy to connect them to Niural with their plug-and-play integration into other ATS and HR systems.

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