Contractor Management

Streamline Contractor hiring with Niural

Niural helps you compliantly hire and pay contractors across the globe.

Hire International Contractors compliantly

Minimize legal risks. Niural handles all the tax and compliance documents required to hire and pay contractors compliantly.

Worry Free payments

With Niural, pay everyone in their local currencies (90+) in a click. We even provide real time payment option as well as several payment methods including paying in stable digital currencies.

Automate invoices for approval, file taxes without a hassle

Save hours of administrative work with our automated invoices and approval system. Generate invoices, download reports and get invoices approved by multiple reviewers. Niural helps you keep your records ready for any audits.

Sign agreements tailored to your country; be GDPR compliant

Hire contractors with your entities or ours. Create and sign locally compliant contracts, and Data Processing Agreements to stay compliant with GDPR.

Why employers choose Niural

Refer a friend to give them the benefits of scaling effortlessly with Niural and we will send you something special.

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