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You can directly compare Niural and Deel below. Comparing these options side by side makes it easy for you to review and decide which platform is best suited for your payroll and HR requirements.

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Customer Support

In contrast to Deel, Niural's customer support team is highly responsive, knowledgeable, and always prepared to assist. Niural has a dedicated account manager for everyone - whether you have 1 contractor or 100, so you know you are always taken care of.

US Payroll in Addition to International Capabilities

Niural has a complete US payroll solution - from tax calculations to state and local filings, as well as benefits, expense management, and time tracking that seamlessly integrates with payroll in addition to its contractor management platform. So you can get all the capabilities of Deel as well as your US payroll vendor in one platform. When you use Deel, you are almost always using a US payroll vendor counterpart. With Niural, you don't have to.


Niural stands out with its profound grasp of local tax laws, ensuring absolute compliance. In comparison to Deel, which is a contractor-first platform, Niural is the employee-first platform, which is a more compliant setup. This means, Niural is set up to be able to properly classify your team members, with full regard to labor laws and ensuring that you are not at risk due to misclassification. Compliance is ingrained in Niural's core values - as a platform offering both payroll and international contractor/EOR capabilities, clients can rest assured that they won't be advised to adopt misclassification-heavy business practices.

What we're hearing from customers


Madison R

Niural was extremely helpful in guiding us on the right path when it came to both local as well as international hiring. They have a very knowledgeable team and went above and beyond when onboarding us to make sure that everything was done quickly and correctly. Unlike Deel, Niural really cares about the people who work for us and makes sure we do everything right. It's really helpful for our business to have that kind of support from a payroll vendor.


Jasmine K

Niural's customer support is really impressive – they help us quickly whenever we need it, something we didn't get at Deel. Deel was responsive during the sales process but the moment we went live with them, we had to rely on chat and email support, and when things go wrong you never get the attention from Deel. Niural is very reliable, for ongoing support as well as quick and fast onboarding.


Chloe T

Changing to Niural has made a big difference for us. Previously we were using Gusto and Deel, and now we have combined payroll and international contractors into one system with Niural. They also have a very robust expense management system which means I don't need to use additional tools like Expensify. Moving to Niural has made operations very easy for us - we have one login and one partner to take care of multiple things, which saves me a lot of time and is friendly to our budget as well.


Elijah J

I got sick and tired of fees with Deel on just about everything. Sure, the pricing is transparent, but things like "pay via ACH", an extra $5 fee, pay via Wise, extra fees, etc. are really annoying because we are already paying fees for the platform. The F/X rates on Deel were also horrible- sometimes we had to pay hundreds of dollars worth of payments due to a subpar exchange rate on the Deel platform. Niural offers better F/X rates, and they don't nickle and dime us.

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