Legal Teams

Let us Handle your International Legalwork

Niural handles international compliance for payroll, taxes, benefits, and contracts.

Hire Globally with Minimal Legal Fees

Be Compliant with Local Laws

Niural offers seamless onboarding, local contracts, visa sponsorship, and secure hiring with background checks.

Let us Handle the Local Entities for you

Allow Niural to hire and pay employees on your behalf as the legal liability as the employer in the relationship.

Verify Identity and Compliance swiftly

Our KYC checks help quickly verify employers and team members.

Manage Critical Assets with Ease

Streamline creating and managing Professional Service Agreements and SOWs with minimal effort.

Hire with confidence, comply with ease

We understand the importance of hiring a compliant workforce, especially when it comes to hiring globally. Niural takes the guesswork out of the global hiring process by handling all the compliance requirements on your behalf.

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Global payments and compliance
in a single platform

Niural's all-in-one payroll, team management and compliance platform helps you streamline your hiring process, manage global payroll, and keep tabs on compliance.

Pay everyone on your team in minutes

Niural unifies Contractor Payments and Payroll in one easy-to-use platform. Paying your worldwide team has never been easier.

Hire anyone, anywhere in minutes

Hiring employees in the UK? Hiring contractors in Brazil? Hire using your own contracts or ours to get them set up in minutes. In 150+ countries.