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You can directly compare Niural and Paylocity below. Comparing these options side by side makes it easy for you to review and decide which platform is best suited for your payroll and HR requirements.

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Automated Platform and Industry Leading Customer Service

Paylocity's system is antiquated and requires a lot of manual interventions, while Niural is modern and far more automated. For example, Paylocity requires admins to manually submit a form any time an employee’s info changes, like if they get promoted or married. With Niural all the admin needs to do is make changes through the system which automatically applies the change. In addition, Niural excels in providing exceptional customer service, compared to Paylocity's lackluster services. With Niural, clients can expect their issues to be addressed in a timely manner through dedicated account managers. This is why Niural leads the industry in automation and customer satisfaction.

Seamless Integrations and Advanced Reporting

Niural is built with modularity and integrates into multiple accounting, ATS, and HR systems with automated sync, which makes connecting to other tools easy from one platform. Paylocity only generates a CSV file, which needs to be uploaded manually to each system. Niural also offers extensive reporting capabilities, while Paylocity offers a limited number of reports, without giving users the option to build their own.

One Platform to Manage your Entire Workforce

Niural has a user-friendly interface that helps you manage your entire workforce in one place - whether it's hiring contractors, paying international employees, reviewing hours and expenses, and more. Customers can easily create and sign contracts, onboard contractors in the US and in 150+ countries around the world, as well as hire employees without having to set up their own entities internationally. Combined with an efficient implementation process, and a reliable compliance module, Niural Platform makes managing your workforce a breeze.

What we're hearing from customers


Henry C

Niural is really great at customer service. Their team helps us quickly and knows a lot, which is so much better than Paylocity. They're good at working together across different departments, so problems get fixed faster. With Niural, we know we'll get answers fast.


Abigail M

The platform of Niural is super simple and smooth, making it super easy to try out different things. The payroll interface is modern and works really well. They even have a dark and light mode which may seem like a small thing but makes the experience far better. I can also handle contractor payments and expenses through the same system, which saves me a lot of time.


Michael D

Ever since we started using Niural, our HR management process has become much simpler. The tools for managing pay, enrolling employees in benefits, and getting compliance and HR alerts every time we add a new employee has changed how we handle HR. The system is very automated and allows us to do HR things like onboard new employees, sign contractor documents, collect compliance items for I-9 verification, etc. much easier. The components connect to each other and we don't have to put in the same info twice. Niural is a great solution that does more than we thought it would.


Logan M

Niural has been a game-changer for our HR and administrative tasks. Unlike Paylocity, which lacked clear guidance and assistance for paying employees in multiple states, Niural offers comprehensive support and resources. The onboarding process is streamlined, and the reporting feature has significantly improved, providing us with valuable insights into our workforce.

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