US Payroll

The most comprehensive payroll platform in the US

Niural offers extensive coverage of state, local and municipal taxes in all 50 states, making it the most comprehensive and tax-compliant payroll technology available.

With modern money movement rails and advanced technology for scalability and modularity, we handle payroll, tax filings and benefits administration for companies of all sizes - from 2 to 20,000 employees.

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Sign agreements tailored to your country; be GDPR compliant

Employee Benefits for your Business

We provide your business with a comprehensive suite of medical, dental, vision and 401k benefits.

Streamline international operations

Modern, Redundant Payment Stack

Our cutting-edge money movement rails and bank redundancies ensure enhanced security and reliability in payroll.

Make payday happen for everyone on your team

Early Payday for Everyone

Our modern infrastructure means that payday happens faster for your employees - with options for next day to same day payroll, without having to set up credit facilities or intermediaries.

Use your entities or ours to run payroll effortlessly

Integrated Payroll Tools in One System

Payroll is dependent on multiple factors - from health benefits to timesheets, from PTO tracking to expense reimbursements to compliance alerts, we handle it all in a fully integrated system.

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Avoid contractor misclassification

Companies that classify employees as contractors can face fines, legal penalties, and other unpleasant consequences. Learn how to spot the difference between employees and contractors so you can keep your company protected.

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