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You can directly compare Niural and Gusto below. Comparing these options side by side makes it easy for you to review and decide which platform is best suited for your payroll and HR requirements.

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Comprehensive US Tax Coverage

Niural’s modern tax calculation and remittance solution is far more comprehensive in coverage compared to platforms such as Gusto. Not only does Niural support 50-state payroll, but also is able to handle obscure and complex local, municipal, and geocode-level payroll taxes much faster than other systems. So with Niural, you don’t have to worry about backpays and penalties due to late or no payments to your state and local governments for known and lesser-known taxes.

Niural's Ability to Scale as you Grow

Gusto is limited in its focus and infrastructure, and as you grow or have diverse needs for your team, its platform is unable to support most businesses. Niural is built for enterprise-level scalability, so we can support you as you from from 2 to 20 to even 20,000 employees, from one system.

Dedicated Customer Support

Gusto has poor live chat assistance and lackluster customer support. Niural has prompt and helpful customer service, and every client is assigned a dedicated account manager. You can always reach a real person on the other side with Niural, vs. queuing up in the email with Gusto.

Extensive International Capabilities

Paying international contractors is costly, and Gusto does not have a homegrown platform to create, sign international contracts, deal with local hiring and tax payments internationally. They try to fill the gap by working with partners such as Remote, which does not meet the unique needs of distributed companies hiring globally. It also adds additional inefficiency to the process - yet another intermediary you have to work with. Niural has a fully integrated platform that provides both US and international payments coverage.

What we're hearing from customers


Bill J

Niural's tax solution outshines Gusto's. We had initially started with Gusto but it missed many taxes as we added multiple states, and also handling the state tax registrations ourselves was quite the pain. Niural makes it super easy - immediately got local taxes correct, speedy handling of complex tax situations, and no more worries about late payroll tax payments. A game-changer for payroll management for us.


Sophia R

What I like about Niural is that we can do US payroll and pay international contractors from one system. When we were using Gusto, we were being charged an arm and a leg in transaction fees per payment - sometimes adding up to hundreds of dollars in fees for a single contractor payment. When we moved to Niural, we didn't have to even leave the system for e-signing - everything from contracts to payments was handled in one platform. We also got mid market rates on F/X and just had to pay one fixed price per contractor per month. Was easier to budget internally as well. It's the ultimate solution for global hiring and tax payments for us.


Jimmy C

I switched to Niural from Gusto because of the poor email assistance and lackluster customer support I experienced. With Niural, I've received prompt and helpful customer service, ensuring that my payroll is processed accurately and on time. I no longer have to worry about payroll delays due to inadequate support, and the platform's user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage payroll across multiple states.


Renee S

We made the switch to Niural due to ongoing frustrations with Gusto's system and customer service. With Niural, we've experienced a level of accountability and responsiveness that was previously lacking. The platform's updates are well-thought-out, and the pricing structure is transparent, without any unexpected changes or hidden costs. It's refreshing to work with a platform that understands and prioritizes its customers' needs.

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