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You can directly compare Niural and Trinet below. Comparing these options side by side makes it easy for you to review and decide which platform is best suited for your payroll and HR requirements.

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Scalable, Tech-first Platform

Even after Trinet acquired Zenefits, its antiquated infrastructure is not able to scale well with modern workplace demands. Trinet is a service company first, with very limited technology, and is able to work with smaller companies only. Niural's infrastructure is built for scale and provides you the ability to handle your team-related needs without having to pay for a PEO.

Much more than a PEO

While Trinet's capabilities are very limited as a domestic PEO, Niural offers a wide range of tools for comprehensive global team management. With Niural - customers can run 50 state payrolls, while easily creating and signing contracts, onboarding contractors in the US and in 150+ countries around the world, as well as hiring employees internationally with its EOR products. Combined with an efficient implementation process and a reliable compliance module- the Niural platform serves customers far more powerfully than Trinet across all workforce needs - be it US payroll and benefits or international employees or contractors.

Customer Experience

Trinet customers frequently encounter issues with inadequate support, and delays in problem resolution. Niural provides a dedicated Account Manager to all clients and leads the industry in customer satisfaction with its highly responsive customer support model.

Transparent Pricing and Lower Fees

Trinet is one of the most expensive PEOs in the industry, with some clients paying hundreds of dollars per W-2 per month in additional hidden fees. Niural's pricing is simple, straightforward, and most importantly, transparent.

What we're hearing from customers


Mariana S

Niural is like a breath of fresh air compared to Trinet. With Trinet, we had limited choices, but with Niural, we can make the system work just the way we want for our business. We really like how we can customize our HR stuff and make it fit perfectly with our company. It's great!


Lucas P

Niural totally changed how we manage our global team. Their platform takes care of contracts, getting new contractors onboarded in over 150 countries, and hiring internationally without needing complicated setups. They made it super easy to use and follow all the rules, which is way better than Trinet. That's why we love Niural!


Victoria H

Niural solved our problem of not having good tools for learning and guidelines. Their platform gives us automated compliance alerts and specific state-by-state guidelines as we add new employees around the country, and even internationally. We really like how Niural helps us learn about new rules that may be applicable to our company setup.


Raj P

We switched to Niural and have experienced a significant improvement in customer service compared to Trinet. There was a clear lack of support with Trinet and if we ever had an issue, we had to wait for days to hear back. Since transitioning to Niural, we can easily write to our AM and they take care of everything. The tech platform is also very straightforward and easy to use.

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