Hire employees internationally with Niural as EOR

Niural helps you compliantly hire employees around the globe without setting up your own entities.

Hire International Employees compliantly

We hire employees on your behalf and take on the administrative and payroll burden. So you can focus on the most productive parts of the employee relationship.

150+ countries for your talent pool

With our legal entities, you can onboard employees from anywhere. Benefits, taxes and visa issues are handled by Niural.

Automate payments for approval, file taxes without a hassle

Save hours of administrative work with our automated invoices and approval system. Approve expenses, manage team permissions for employee identity and keep clean records ready for any audits.

Sign agreements tailored to your country; be GDPR compliant

Sign locally compliant contracts, and Data Processing Agreements to stay compliant with GDPR. Hire risk-free without worrying about tax deadlines, labor laws, misclassification, or data security.

Why employers choose Niural

Refer a friend to give them the benefits of scaling effortlessly with Niural and we will send you something special.

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