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You can directly compare Niural and Paycom below. Comparing these options side by side makes it easy for you to review and decide which platform is best suited for your payroll and HR requirements.

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Payroll Processing and Reliable Tax Support

Niural is built with a modern tax calculation and remittance infrastructure, which allows it to provide full coverage of tax jurisdictions - compared to Paycom which is built on older rails and lacks several local jurisdictions. In addition, Niural's AI-enabled system catches tax changes in real-time, unlike Paycom. The antiquated infrastructure with Paycom can cause major headaches with tax issues and penalties.

Customer Service

Niural distinguishes itself from Paycom through its outstanding technology and customer service. The company consistently offers exceptional support. With Niural, clients are provided with dedicated Account Managers who are well-trained and ready to assist on all aspects of the platform.

All-in-one Platform

Paycom does not allow you to handle your US and non-US employees from the same payroll system. Niural has a user-friendly interface that helps you manage your entire workforce in one place. - whether it's hiring contractors, paying international employees, reviewing hours and expenses, and more. The consolidated platform also enables easy reporting and data management across your entire workforce.

What we're hearing from customers


Sofia C

I used to work with not-so-experienced managers at Paycom, and they always seemed to charge extra for everything. But now that I'm using Niural, things are so much better. My AM is amazing, it's easy to budget because there are no surprise fees. I'm really happy with Niural!


Daniel A

Dealing with Paycom was a pain because of tax problems and late paychecks. Niural offers same-day payroll and it has made our headaches go away, Niural's payroll system is smooth and payments are on time. Their tax team is really good and fixes any mistakes. Getting the basics right is something many other payroll platforms seem to be unable to do.


Emily P

Niural has exceptional customer service. Unlike Paycom, they don't make empty promises and then fail to deliver. Their team consistently follows through on their commitments and provides thoughtful answers every time we consult with them. It's clear that Niural puts its customers first.


Alexander R

The Paycom system was a real headache – it was confusing and hard to figure out. But when I switched to Niural, it was super simple and made everything smooth and easy. I don't have to do as much by hand anymore, so I can focus on important things and be more productive. I spend far fewer hours running payroll. The expense management system they have also replaced our expensing vendor, so we are saving money on things we hadn't originally anticipated.

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