Networked Intelligence for Unified Reasoning, Action and Learning

Niural, in short, is a neural network  for AI Superagents that can not only reason, but also enable action and feedback loop on behalf of the user. In this whitepaper, we aim to describe the need for AI SuperAgents for companies to manage critical business functions and Niural’s thesis on how to implement AI SuperAgents for accurate reasoning and action.

The expanding capabilities of large language models (LLMs) have ushered in a new era of artificial intelligence applications across a wide range of tasks. However, the utilization of LLMs for tasks demanding high accuracy and sensitivity, such as human resources, labor laws, financial and regulatory compliance, presents unique challenges. These domains require a nuanced understanding of complex regulations and the ability to act upon this understanding in a precise and context-specific manner. In this paper, we introduce NIURAL, a model designed to address these challenges by combining reasoning and action in a domain-specific context. NIURAL extends the concept of interleaved reasoning and action, initially explored in the ReAct model for generic tasks, to the specialized requirements of business domains. By integrating tailored reasoning mechanisms with action generation, NIURAL can interpret complex legal texts, navigate intricate laws, conduct accurate analyses and generate actionable strategies that are directly applicable to specific organizational needs. It leverages domain-specific knowledge bases and regulatory databases, enhancing its reasoning with real-time data and existing precedents. This approach not only increases the model's accuracy and relevance but also ensures adaptability to the evolving nature of business needs, laws and regulations. Our evaluations across multiple high-stakes scenarios demonstrate NIURAL's superior performance in identifying compliance requirements, generating compliant action plans, and reducing risks. Furthermore, by providing detailed reasoning traces alongside actionable recommendations, NIURAL enhances transparency and trustworthiness, key factors in high-stakes decision-making environments. Through NIURAL, we showcase the potential of specialized LLMs to revolutionize compliance management, offering organizations a robust tool for navigating the complexities of HR and regulatory compliance with unprecedented precision and insight.

In the United States, HR and finance teams face a labyrinthine challenge: navigating the complex and often overlapping regulatory environment that spans over 12,000 federal, state, local, and municipal jurisdictions. Each jurisdiction brings its own set of tax, labor, and compliance regulations, creating a matrix of legal requirements that businesses must adhere to. This complexity is not just daunting; it's a dynamic puzzle where the pieces are constantly changing—regulations are frequently updated, amended, or overhauled, further complicating compliance efforts.The sensitivity of HR and finance-related topics adds another layer of complexity. Decisions in these domains can have profound implications on personnel management, financial integrity, legal compliance, and the overall well-being of the company. Missteps or oversights can lead to significant legal repercussions, financial penalties, and damage to reputation, not to mention the potential impact on employee morale and trust.

Relying solely on human effort to manage compliance in this intricate landscape is not only inefficient but practically impossible. The sheer volume of regulations, combined with the need for specialized knowledge across different jurisdictions, makes it infeasible for teams to maintain an up-to-date understanding of every relevant law and regulation. Human error is an inevitable risk in any process, but in the context of regulatory compliance, such errors can be particularly costly. Moreover, the time and resources required to manually track and interpret every change in the law are prohibitive, diverting valuable human capital away from strategic initiatives and towards regulatory upkeep.This is what we call the “jurisdictional jigsaw” problem. It's a problem characterized by the complexity of laws, the geographical diversity of regulations, and the high stakes of compliance, all of which create a challenge for HR and finance teams. Within this maze, finding a path to compliance requires not just knowledge and diligence, but a level of agility and precision that exceeds human capabilities alone.

Addressing the jurisdictional jigsaw problem demands a multifaceted approach that leverages technology to augment human expertise. Solutions need to be as dynamic and adaptable as the regulatory environment itself, using a network of advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to track, analyze, and interpret the vast array of regulations across jurisdictions. The additional and non-negotiable component of this solution is the level of personalization in such solutions. Such systems need to be able to provide real-time updates, actionable insights, and compliance recommendations, significantly reducing the burden on human teams and minimizing the risk of non-compliance, for that specific scenario.  

NIURAL AI profoundly changes the way HR, finance, and operations teams navigate the complex landscape of multi-jurisdictional compliance and business needs. We're achieving this through the deployment of SuperAgents—intelligent, purpose-built AI agents that transcend the capabilities of standard AI agents. Whereas traditional AI agents excel at broad, less sensitive tasks like ordering takeout or scheduling travel, NIURAL's SuperAgents are engineered for high-stakes environments: where precision, sensitivity, and compliance carry far-reaching implications. SuperAgents are specialized AI models, e.g. agents designed to handle the delicate balance of applying complex HR and compliance regulations across myriad jurisdictions. These SuperAgents aren't just advisors; they are autonomous executors, capable of performing meaningful actions that are validated and approved by the users, thereby augmenting the human workforce with accuracy and efficiency.

Our approach at NIURAL is informed by a rich history of developing precise NLP models for regulated landscapes such as the financial services industry.  In our previous company, Harvest, our team created AI technologies capable of navigating the sensitive and regulated landscape of consumer financial transactions, and conduct write actions approved by the user with 98% accuracy. This level of accuracy is not just recommended for such AI interactions but demanded by users. This experience has become the bedrock upon which NIURAL's SuperAgents are built, where we create networked intelligence: the idea that intelligence is distributed across nodes in a network, and each node contributes to the collective understanding, reasoning, and action capabilities. NIURAL model leverages multiple sources of data, algorithms and SuperAgents working together in a coordinated manner to achieve a common goal: to conduct an accurate and precise action for the user. In addition to specialized data retrieved from large language models using the RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) approach, we leverage proprietary data from the Employer System of Records, such as Niural’s Workforce Management Platform, and piece together organized data that can be used to create precise actions for the user. The integration of these nodes in the network is where NIURAL AI excels. NIURAL is capable of connecting to various critical aspects of an organization, from internal HR databases to sensitive employee information to government websites or policy documentations, all while maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security. This unique capability ensures that NIURAL's SuperAgents can execute tasks with a level of customization and precision that generic AI agents simply cannot match.

By leveraging the power of SuperAgents, NIURAL AI empowers HR teams to solve complex, sensitive compliance tasks with AI, freeing them to focus on strategic initiatives that foster growth and innovation. This transformative approach elevates the role of AI in the workplace, turning the once-daunting jurisdictional jigsaw into a manageable process.Drawing from our experience building AI agents for use cases where handling sensitive financial data with pinpoint accuracy was paramount, we understand the gravity of precision and the delicate nature of proprietary data. NIURAL's SuperAgents are the embodiment of this understanding—intelligent, sensitive, and precise. They are not just tools but partners that redefine the potential of AI in compliance, offering organizations a competitive edge in a landscape that is constantly evolving. With NIURAL, the future of corporate compliance is here, and it's smarter, safer, and more efficient than ever before.

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