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January 5, 2024

3 mins

Niural’s 2023 In Review

2023 was a very exciting year for Niural. From building industry-leading features for growing companies to supporting our partners with modern tools to scale their businesses, we created a platform that is unrivaled in the payroll and HCM industry.

In 2023, we:

  • Unveiled our complete US payroll, international contractor management, and EOR platform with revolutionary money movement and compliance rails
  • Were chosen as a Visa partner for real-time payments 
  • Became one of the very few payroll providers who have access to the FedNow system
  • Grew our customer base due to our resilient and redundant technology stack while others cracked under pressure from the Silicon Valley Bank crisis
  • Released over 100 new features and product improvements

Here are a few highlights of features we shipped in 2023:

Partner Dashboard for CPAs, Bookkeepers and Industry Partners

Niural's CPA Dashboard provides a centralized hub for effortless client management - whether it is running full service payroll, outsourced CFO services or simple referrals. Tailor your services to diverse client needs, backed by a comprehensive suite integrating HR, expense management, time tracking, and international payment solutions in a single system that connects directly to your accounting systems. 

Integrated Expense Management

Manage expenses with streamlined workflows, allowing users to submit and manage multiple expenses in bulk effortlessly. Approve expenses in bulk, see expense reports and pay with multiple currencies - all while the data connects automatically to payroll and contract invoices for fast reimbursements. 

Expanded Payment Choices for Onboarding, Payroll and Contract Creation

Employers have access to 7+ payment methods when conducting payroll, and employees get access to several withdrawal options - from local bank transfers to stablecoins. Employers can also create contracts in 90+ local currencies. 

Run different types of payroll 

You can run various types of payroll, in addition to your regular payroll with Niural in minutes - with Niural’s groundbreaking alternate payroll modules. 

Bonus payroll

Employers can now run bonus payrolls for selected employees, providing greater flexibility in managing compensation.

Off-Cycle Payroll

Now, Niural supports off-cycle payroll with Regular payroll, Tax reporting only, and tax payment and reporting features, providing greater control over payroll cycles. The most comprehensive coverage of payroll types in the industry. 

Dismissal Payroll 

Statewise regulations often require employers to make payments to dismissed employees on their last day of employment, rather than waiting for the regular pay schedule. Niural’s Dismissal payroll module allows you to stay compliant and run the payroll on time. 

Transition Payroll

As your business structure changes, you may find the need to change payroll frequencies or accommodate different schedules for different types of employees. Niural makes it easy for you to automate transitions between payroll schedules and entirely automates the process. 

YTD Reporting Payroll

Bringing data in from another provider takes up a lot of time. With Niural, this can happen in minutes, with our YTD reporting. Accurate data porting allows you to onboard extremely quickly. 

401K and Roth 401K Updates

Enjoy an improved file upload and benefits management for 401K and Roth 401K. Support for multiple 401k partners across SMB, Mid-market, and enterprise segments. 

Updated Accounting Integrations

Multiple accounting software integrations for easier financial tracking and reporting.

Onboarding at lightning speed

State of the art onboarding module allows you to onboard employees in bulk in minutes. Identity and fraud controls using Plaid and integrated KYC ensures an error free process.  

Enhanced PTO

An advanced  Paid Time Off (PTO) feature allows employees to request time off for various policies, and employers can easily approve or reject requests, support for sick leave, holiday pay, bereavement, and various other policies.


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And many other features, listing them would make this summary extremely long. It has been an incredible year of building and growth, and as we continue this momentum into 2024, we're thankful to our customers and partners for their continued trust and partnership with Niural. 

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