February 29, 2024

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The AI Corner

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In the ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence, this week's edition is committed to delivering the most recent breakthroughs. Our central focus is to analyze how these advancements impact different facets of our lives, including workplaces, businesses, policies, and personal experiences. In this issue, we will explore some updates such as the potential collaboration between Tumblr and WordPress with OpenAI and the introduction of 'Copilot Enterprise' by GitHub, offering AI coding assistance for businesses.

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Tumblr and WordPress on the Verge of AI Collaboration with OpenAI

Automattic, the parent company overseeing Tumblr and WordPress, is said to be on the verge of finalizing agreements with OpenAI and Midjourney, intending to supply AI training data extracted from posts. This development has ignited significant user backlash. Automattic initially gathered Tumblr content spanning 2014-2023 for an initial data release, inadvertently incorporating private posts. The company is purportedly introducing an opt-out tool, but uncertainties persist regarding the retroactive removal of previously shared data. This trend follows similar collaborations between platforms such as Reddit and Shutterstock, as AI giants actively accumulate data to enhance their formidable models. The significance lies in the realization that user-generated content has become a valuable asset for AI training, prompting disgruntled users to discover their data being utilized without explicit consent and raising concerns about privacy violations, leading to an escalating wave of discontent.

GitHub Introduces 'Copilot Enterprise': AI Coding Assistance for Businesses

GitHub has launched GitHub Copilot Enterprise, an AI coding assistant for large enterprises, revolutionizing software development by providing code suggestions, answering queries, and summarizing changes based on an organization's codebase. Unlike the free Copilot tool, Copilot Enterprise integrates throughout the software development lifecycle, offering customized suggestions, answering questions in plain language, and generating code change summaries. The tool incorporates company best practices through "knowledge bases" to guide developers and promote collaboration. GitHub's move into AI coding tools follows its success with 100 million users in a year. Despite skepticism, GitHub is investing in responsible AI practices to ensure Copilot Enterprise enhances developer creativity without unwanted side effects.

Source: Github

Google's 'Genie' Empowers Instant Game Creation

Google DeepMind has introduced Genie, an innovative AI system capable of generating interactive video games based solely on a text or image prompt, devoid of any prior training in-game mechanics. Trained on over 200,000 hours of 2D platform game videos, Genie autonomously comprehends gameplay intricacies. Users can manipulate game characters and objects on a frame-by-frame basis, even without Genie being trained with action labels. The foundational model can identify the main character and empower users to control it within the generated virtual world. While currently limited to creating games at 1 FPS and designated for research purposes, Genie's potential signifies a groundbreaking step towards allowing individuals to craft their imagined virtual realms and underscores progress in developing general AI agents.

Tyler Perry Pauses Studio Expansion Amid AI Concerns

Tyler Perry, the prominent Hollywood figure, disclosed that he has halted a significant expansion of his $800 million film studio due to concerns about AI, particularly triggered by OpenAI's Sora. Witnessing Sora's debut on February 15, Perry expressed apprehensions about the potential widespread job losses in the entertainment industry due to the rapid progress of AI. Despite having employed AI for aging makeup effects in two upcoming films, streamlining labor processes, Perry emphasized the urgent need for regulations to safeguard workers in the industry. Advocating for collective action, he called for an "all hands on deck" approach from Hollywood, urging unions and Congress to promptly address and protect the interests of industry workers. The situation underscores the inevitable and transformative impact of AI on the industry, prompting a crucial need for proactive measures in the face of technological advancements outpacing regulatory frameworks.

Sorce: Wikipedia


AI is coming to Google Messages

In recent news, Google's AI-powered chatbot Bard has been rebranded as Gemini and is set to be integrated into Google Messages, allowing users to engage in various conversations such as seeking assistance in crafting messages, receiving book recommendations, or even generating dinner menu ideas based on specific ingredients. Users can submit prompts like writing a concise message for calling in sick or asking for a vegetarian meal recipe. Gemini responds with options that users can approve or disapprove, and the conversations take place over RCS, though encryption is not applied. While currently in beta for select users, wider access to all users is anticipated soon, providing an additional feature accessible from the conversation screen in Google Messages.


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What makes Einstein Copilot a genius?

Salesforce has launched the public beta of Einstein Copilot, a conversational AI assistant designed to enhance user interaction with data and workflows on the Salesforce platform. Previously introduced as a prototype at the 2023 Salesforce Dreamforce conference, Einstein Copilot's beta release aims to provide a more open, intuitive, and conversational integration of AI capabilities compared to previous offerings. Leveraging metadata to provide context to data, Salesforce emphasizes that Einstein Copilot is distinct from other Copilot services, with its focus on contextual data and structured metadata layers essential for effective AI functionality. The technology is built upon the Salesforce Hyperforce architecture, incorporating the Einstein LLM (large language model) gateway, partnerships with AI vendors like OpenAI and Google, and the Einstein Trust Layer for data privacy and security. The introduction of Einstein Copilot aligns with Salesforce's broader AI platform strategy, referred to as Einstein 1, and complements its existing predictive AI technologies.

How artificial intelligence (AI) can and should contribute to a revival in the humanities?

In an article for VentureBeat, Sam Curry, the VP and CISO of Zscaler, argues that the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) does not diminish the significance of the humanities but rather emphasizes their importance. He points out that while science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) have seen significant advancements and contributions throughout history, the humanities have faced a decline. Curry contends that AI's increasing influence makes the humanities more crucial than ever, especially in areas like linguistics, ethics, logic, psychology, sociology, literature, art, and history. He emphasizes the need for the humanities to guide the ethical use of technology, formulate rational arguments, understand anthropological impacts, explore the ineffable, and analyze past mistakes. Curry concludes that a renaissance of the arts is essential, not only for collective good but also to interpret the emerging world and provide meaning in a technologically-driven society.

What does Wi-Fi 7 entail, and what is its speed capability?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, the advent of Wi-Fi 7 (802.11be) has marked a significant leap in wireless networking, promising speeds exceeding 5.8 Gigabits per second. With advancements like increased channel bandwidth, 4K Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM), Multi-Link Operation (MLO), improved latency, and support for more multi-user spatial streams, Wi-Fi 7 is set to revolutionize home and office connectivity. However, its premium routers and the necessity for comprehensive device upgrades raise considerations about the optimal timing for adoption. While early enthusiasts may benefit from immediate access to unprecedented speeds, many may choose to await broader support and more affordable prices, possibly converging around the 2024 holiday season. In the dynamic realm of networking technology, the decision to embrace Wi-Fi 7 boils down to a strategic balance between cutting-edge connectivity and patient adoption.


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