September 14, 2023

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The AI Updates

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In the ever-evolving AI landscape, this week's edition brings you the latest highlights. Our primary objective is to dissect their relevance to workplaces, businesses, policies, and individuals. In this edition, we'll delve into exciting updates, such as Zoom's integration of an AI assistant, Stability AI's groundbreaking stable audio technology, Microsoft's partnership with Paige for cancer-detecting AI, Meta's foray into developing an AI model to rival GPT-4, and the Pentagon's ambitious AI-powered military network plans.


Zoom Introduces Integrated AI Assistant

 Zoom has recently launched AI Companion, an integrated AI assistant available to its paid users at no extra charge. This AI assistant is designed to boost productivity by helping users compose chat responses, generate automatic meeting summaries, craft email messages, create smart recordings, and more. Zoom's approach is versatile, accommodating various generative AI models, including their proprietary Meta Llama 2, OpenAI, and Anthropic. Furthermore, Zoom has announced that additional features related to scheduling and task management will be introduced in the upcoming Fall season.

Stability AI Launches Game-Changing Stable Audio

Stability AI, known for its remarkable AI advancements in text-to-image generation with Stable Diffusion, is now stepping into the realm of text-to-audio transformation. Today, they proudly unveil Stable Audio, an accessible technology that allows anyone to effortlessly convert plain text prompts into concise audio clips. This marks a significant expansion of their AI capabilities, as Stable Audio utilizes the same core AI techniques found in Stable Diffusion, albeit tailored for audio generation through a diffusion model. This release opens up exciting possibilities for audio content creation and accessibility.

Source: VentureBeat made with Stable Diffusion

 Microsoft and Paige Collaborate on Cancer-Detecting AI

Microsoft and Paige have forged a groundbreaking partnership aimed at developing the most extensive AI model for cancer detection through image analysis. This initiative involves training the model on an unprecedented volume of data, encompassing billions of images, and equipping it to identify both common and rare cancer types. Paige, originally stemming from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, brings its expertise in AI-assisted pathology for breast, colon, and prostate cancer detection to this collaboration. Importantly, the joint effort aims to enhance the speed and precision of medical professionals, with Paige emphasizing that their AI technology is designed to support doctors rather than replace them, alleviating the burden on healthcare providers.

Meta Commences Work on an AI Model to Compete with GPT-4

Meta has launched the development of a formidable AI model aimed at competing with OpenAI's GPT-4, with plans to unveil it in 2024, according to reports from the Wall Street Journal. This upcoming AI model, scheduled for early 2024 training, seeks to outshine Meta's recently launched 'Llama-2' by a significant margin. Its core purpose is to empower businesses to generate high-level text and conduct comprehensive analyses. Notably, Meta is committed to democratizing access to this technology, as the model will be trained on Meta's infrastructure and open source. This launch is anticipated to follow the introduction of Gemini, Google's LLM, which is rumored to surpass GPT-4's capabilities.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


The Pentagon plans a large-scale AI-powered military network

The Pentagon is racing to develop a formidable AI-driven military network, according to the Wall Street Journal, to counter challenges from China and other global adversaries. This initiative involves allocating hundreds of millions of dollars to create a vast array of AI-powered technology, drones, and autonomous systems that are compact and cost-effective. The aim is to bolster surveillance and logistics capabilities across air, land, and sea, and this funding is part of the recently announced $1.8 billion AI budget request and "Replicator" initiative. In response to rivals like China investing heavily in autonomous systems, the Defense Department is pushing forward with space-based autonomous systems, ground-based logistics, and missile defense systems to maintain its competitive edge.


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Why self-regulation of AI is a smart business move?

ChatGPT and other text and image-generating chatbots have captivated millions, but not without controversy. Despite uncertainties, businesses are already embracing generative AI chatbots and integrating AI into their operations. This makes it crucial for businesses to address concerns about AI's unpredictability and potential harm to users. Waiting for government regulations isn't viable due to the rapid pace of AI development and significant business risks. Companies must establish their ethical guidelines to avoid costly mistakes instead of adopting an ad hoc approach.

How does AI-based development reduce backlogs?

While OutSystems has gained recognition for its expertise in low-code development platforms, the company has been progressively shifting its focus toward AI-assisted software development, drawing noticeable parallels between the two domains. In June, they introduced their generative AI roadmap, known as 'Project Morpheus,' which promises advantages like on-the-fly app generation through conversational prompts and an AI-driven app editor providing suggestions across the software stack.

How to create your own comic books with AI?

Your dream can now come true with the AI Comic Factory. Offered through Hugging Factory, this innovative tool can craft comic book pages based on your descriptions. Simply outline the scenario you envision, pick a preferred style, and select a layout. You even have the option to include captions. The AI will then generate the panels required to compose a full page. You can effortlessly create multiple pages, save or print each one, and bring your comic book vision to life.


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