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Niural for Partners Program Terms

These Niural for Partners Program Terms (referred to as "Terms") are established and agreed upon between you and Niural Inc., a Delaware corporation operating under the name Niural ("Niural"). These Terms outline the conditions and provisions of the Niural Partners Program (referred to as "Program").

The Program is devised to recognize and reward participating accountants, accounting firms, outsourced CFOs and other partners, referred to as "Partners," for each instance where a Partner Client (as defined below) becomes a new Niural customer by Partner's enrollment of such Partner Client into the Program. This enrollment occurs when a Partner adds the Partner Client through the "Add Client" feature within Niural's Partner Dashboard web page and opts to manage the payroll of that Partner Client. This process is referred to as "Enrollment" or being "Enrolled."

A "Partner Client" is characterized as a client of the Partner who meets the following criteria: (i) possesses an Employer Identification Number not previously used on the Niural payroll platform, known as the "Platform," (ii) has registered one or more employees on the Platform before processing their initial payroll with Niural, and (iii) has executed at least one paid payroll through Niural.

During the Enrollment process, the Partner will be prompted to make a choice from three options: (1) give a discounted billing rate to the Partner Client, (2) bill the Partner Client at the current publicly advertised rate and receive a revenue share, or (3) bill the Partner at a discounted rate. This choice is referred to as a "Selection."

There are two types of "Incentives'' available: (1) the "Volume Discount Incentive" and (2) the "Revenue Share Incentive." Detailed descriptions of both Incentives can be found on the Niural website at (referred to as the "Website").

For the Volume Discount Incentive, "discount" signifies a reduction from the current publicly advertised price for Niural services, which is determined by the Partner's corresponding level on the Website (referred to as a "Discount"). Revenue Share Incentive, "revenue share" denotes a recurring cash payment from Niural to the Partner, amounting to a specific portion of the Partner Client's monthly invoice, as determined by the Partner's corresponding level on the Website (referred to as "Revenue Share").

The term "Niural Services'' pertains to the cloud-based payroll and human resources services listed under a customer's Niural Plan. This term excludes (a) any optional add-on services that Niural charges a fee for, and (b) any non-payroll or non-human resources services, such as health insurance brokerage services, retirement savings services, educational savings plan services, tax-advantaged account services, or any other services that are not payroll or human resources-related and are either currently provided or may be offered by Niural or its subsidiary in the future.

Once (1) a Partner Client is Enrolled and (2) Partner Client runs a payroll with Niural within 30 days of such Enrollment, such Partner Client shall be credited towards the achievement of the Incentive level and depending on the relevant Incentive, (a) any resulting Discounts shall be effective or (b) any resulting Revenue Share for a given calendar quarter shall become payable by check within 30 days of the later of the following: (i) the end of such calendar quarter and (ii) the provision of a Form W-9 by Partner to Niural. 

The Program features “Free payroll for your practice” and “Free HR tools for your practice” which offers Partners twelve months free access to Niural’s Plus plan for their own firm. Partners must Enroll one (2) Partner Clients per calendar year to qualify for an additional twelve months free access. Partners may enjoy free payroll for up to 50 employees. 

Niural may terminate these Terms or the Program or modify the Terms or the Program for any reason and at any time, at Niural’s sole discretion, without notice. Niural may choose to accept, decline or expel any person, accounting firm or accountant, Partner or Partner Client from the Program at any time and reserves the right to terminate its relationship with any existing participant in the Program.